After receiving his diploma at the University of Georgia in 2013, Max Kennedy packed his bags and went on a world tour that lasted nearly five years. During this time, he visited over 30 countries and learned several languages along the way. He worked and traveled the world as a PGA golf caddie and bartender, providing him an excellent avenue to hone his networking skills. In 2018, he finally found a home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he started his first business, in tourism, and married the love of his life, Carolina.
In 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 halted all business in the tourism sector. Mr. Kennedy was called home to help his father, Bil Kennedy, former President/CEO, with Pkdata, Inc., with intentions of one day taking over the family business. Sadly, that day came sooner than expected when Bil suddenly passed away later that year. He inherited the company, taking over his father’s position, pledging to uphold P.K. Data’s duty to its clients while creating new and exciting growth opportunities.
Mr. Kennedy is also the Co-Founder of TrimTab Industries, LLC, a biotech engineering company focused on climate change mitigation through microbiology and soil sciences.