Pkdata began following the swimming pool and spa industry in 1992.  Since then, ​we have completed over 400 studies such as the following:

Channel development strategies | Merger and acquisition due diligence New product opportunity assessments | Product re-stagings Brand awareness/brand valuation studies 

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Because of our long experience in the pool/spa segment – and the extent of data at our disposal – Pkdata has a significant history of working with outside investors to evaluate prospective acquisition opportunities. We have also supported several of our own clients’ add-on acquisitions. 

We typically provide the following advisory services: 

Industry data

  • Growth (historical, forecast)
  • Existing base and aftermarket valuation
  • Channel dynamics
  • Consumer characteristics
  • Product innovation
  • Import/export influences
  • Margins
  • Regulatory environment
  • Business cycle susceptibility
  • Seasonality
  • International markets
  • Competitive SWOT

Survey research/executive in-depth interviews

  • Brand/company attitude and awareness surveys
  • Key supplier and customer interviews


Time is always of the essence during due diligence, which is why our M&A experience and the wealth of data at our immediate disposal means that we can quickly develop and execute the necessary decision support datasets to complement your target analysis workstream. To date, we have been involved in numerous transactions with valuations ranging from $50 million to over $1 billion.

Interested in our other services?

If you are looking for market data in other areas, please let us know! Send us a message on our contact page or give us a call! We look forward to hearing from you!