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Issue 89 | Hardships on the Horizon

In this issue of Waveline™, we discuss the impact of a recession on the pool & spa industry.

Issue 88 | No Lifeguard on Duty

In this issue, of Waveline™, we discuss one way labor shortages affect commercial pool owners.

Issue 87 | Hot Tub Sanitation

In this issue, of Waveline™, we share a few key points from our most recent hot tub consumer and dealer studies.

Issue 86 | Inground Pool Remodeling and Renovation

In this issue of Waveline™, we discuss renovation projects and the impact of the pandemic on inground pool renovations.

Issue 85 | Pool Owner Behavior and Sentiment

In this issue of Waveline™, we discuss pool usage and owner satisfaction during 2021 with inground pool owners.

Issue 84 | 2021 US Residential Swimming Pool Market Sneak Peek

In this issue of Waveline™, we take a glance at how 2021 shaped up for the residential pool market in a few key areas.