Issue 102 | Insights into the Behavior of Canadian Pool Owners

In this issue of Waveline™, we take a look at Canadian Pool Owners

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As another year closes, Pkdata is busy assessing the impact and scope of the pool and spa industry in the United States and Canada during 2023. As we predicted, the substantial surge in new pool construction, driven by the pandemic, has now subsided, returning to levels reminiscent of the pre-Covid era, particularly those observed in 2018.

Currently, we are gathering essential data from key stakeholders in the industry, including builders, manufacturers, retailers, service providers, and consumers. This information will contribute to a thorough analysis of the industry’s performance in 2023 and predictions outlining the trajectory it is likely to follow in 2024.

In the meantime, the year-end survey of Canadian pool owners has uncovered valuable insights into usage patterns, owner satisfaction, purchasing trends, and many other aspects of pool ownership. As we complete the final analysis of the survey results, we wanted to offer a sneak peek into some of the forthcoming data.

Owner Satisfaction

To assess the satisfaction of pool owners, we explore their satisfaction levels with pool ownership and inquire about the likelihood of them recommending the installation of a pool to others.

  • Canadians are happy with pool ownership, with almost 80% reporting satisfaction.

Pool Owner Satisfaction with Swimming Pool Ownership, Canada, 2023

  • Two-thirds of Canadians are likely to recommend pool ownership to others.

Pool Owner Likelihood to Recommend Installing a Pool, Canada, 2023

Inground Pool Renovation and Remodeling

Renovation and remodeling of pools is a crucial sector within the residential pool industry in Canada. The heightened emphasis on home improvement during the pandemic further fueled the demand for this segment, contributing to its ongoing growth.

  • Almost 60% of Canadian inground pool owners reported renovating their pools in the last three years.

Remodeled/renovated (significant projects beyond minor repairs or equipment replacement) inground pool in the last three years, Canada, 2023

Canadian pool owners described the renovation projects they had undertaken in the past three years.

  • The most frequent renovation projects for Canadian pool owners were replacing core equipment, upgrading the deck and coping, and installing lighting.

Top Completed Projects Included in Renovation (multiple responses):

  • Replace pump
  • Upgrade deck/coping
  • Install/replace lighting
  • Replace heater
  • Replace filter
  • Replace vinyl

The pool owners also reported the cost of their renovation and remodeling projects in the last three years. The project expenses ranged from less than $1,000 to over $50,000 (CAD).

  • The average renovation cost was approximately $16,000 (CAD).

Cost of Pool Remodel/Renovation Over Past Three Years, Canada, 2023

  • Three-quarters of Canadian inground pool owners described plans to renovate their pools in the next three years.

Plan to remodel/renovate (significant projects beyond minor repairs or equipment replacement) inground pool in the next three years, Canada, 2023

Canadian pool owners outlined their renovation plans for the next three years.

  • The anticipated projects most frequently recommended by Canadian pool owners were replacing core equipment, installing lighting, and upgrading the deck and coping.

Top Anticipated Projects for Renovation (multiple responses):

  • Replace pump
  • Replace filter
  • Install/replace lighting
  • Replace heater
  • Upgrade desk/coping
  • Replace vinyl

Pool Owner Chemical Purchase Sources

Changes in the source of water treatment chemical purchases have occurred recently due to rising prices and the increased accessibility of online research and ordering. Despite these shifts, numerous pool owners remain loyal to specialty pool and hot tub stores. These establishments provide valuable services such as free water testing and knowledgeable staff members who can offer guidance on proper water treatment techniques.

  • Two-thirds of the Canadian pool owners surveyed reported a primary source of their chemical purchases was a specialty pool or hot tub store.

Primary Sources of Pool Chemical Purchases, Canada, 2023

These brief insights into the Canadian pool owner provide a sample of the data in the YE 2023 Canadian Market Report, which will be released in February. In the meantime, please reach out if Pkdata can provide your business with any pool or hot tub data and analysis.

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