Issue 103 | Are Plunge Pools Increasing in Popularity?

In this issue of Waveline™, we take a look at Plunge Pools

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Pkdata’s recent builder research found a significant surge in the popularity of plunge pools among potential new pool owners. More than half of residential inground pool builders construct plunge pools, with 40% reporting a noticeable increase in requests for these pools over the past two years.

Pool Builder Constructs Inground Plunge Pools, 2023

Plunge Pool Builder

Change in Request for Plunge Pools the Past Two Years, 2023

Plunge Pool Requests 2023

What is a plunge pool?

Unlike their traditional counterparts, plunge pools are small yet deep, designed primarily for wading and lounging. They can vary in size, from as compact as 8 x 8 feet to as spacious as 8 x 20 feet, making them approximately 50% smaller than the average backyard pool.

Plunge pools are generally flat-bottomed, range from 4 – 8 feet deep, and come in varying shapes, from squares to half-moons to L-shaped. However, most prefabricated options are circular, square, or rectangular.

They are constructed from the same materials as traditional pools: vinyl, fiberglass, or concrete, and use the same systems to run and maintain cleanliness as regular-sized pools (e.g., a filter, pool pump, and sanitation system). They tend to be much more cost-effective than full-sized pools; however, this number fluctuates similarly to a full-sized pool based on location, materials, sizes, upgrades, etc.

Plunge Pool Pros and Cons
Inground pool alternative
Stags’ Leap Winery Plunge pool
According to its website, Stags’ Leap Winery is home to northern California's first fresh plunge pool.

Although most traditional pool builders surveyed indicated they typically construct fewer than three plunge pools annually, the proportion of builders undertaking more projects each year has consistently risen. Approximately one-third of respondents anticipate building more than three plunge pools in 2024, marking an upward trend in construction volume.

Number of Plunge Pools Constructed by Builder, 2022 - 2024

Number of Plunge Pools Constructed by Builder, 2022 - 2024

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