Issue 85 | Pool Owner Behavior and Sentiment

In this issue of Waveline™, we discuss pool usage and owner satisfaction during 2021 with inground pool owners.

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Did pool owners utilize their pool more during the pandemic?

In our latest consumer research study of inground pool owners, we asked how many months of the year they opened and sanitized their pool before the Covid pandemic? To compare usage since the pandemic began, respondents also reported the months they opened their pools following the start of the pandemic.

While many thought that pool utilization would increase due to owners being home more – surprisingly, that wasn’t the case. The pool owners in our survey opened their pools the same number of months pre and post covid. Unfortunately for pool owners, the length of time pools are open is influenced primarily by the weather in most areas.




We also asked about days per month pool owners used their pools – and the change was minimal – about one additional day. Again, we expected daily usage to have increased during the pandemic, but it did not significantly. On average, the pool owners in the survey indicated they used their pools about 16.5 days a month.

How likely are current pool owners to recommend installing a pool?

To gauge pool owner satisfaction with owning a pool, we inquire how likely current pool owners would be to recommend installing a pool to others.

Only slightly more than a third of current pool owners surveyed were “likely” to recommend installing a new inground pool. Compared to the last owner survey we conducted in 2018, the likelihood of pool owners to recommend installing a new pool is only slightly more optimistic than neutral. For 2018 and 2022, average ratings were 3.2 and 3.3, respectively, on a scale of 1 “Very Unlikely” to 5 “Very Likely.”

Owners who were unlikely to recommend installing a pool often cited cost, lack of use, required maintenance, and upkeep as reasons for not endorsing pool ownership.

For more detail on pool owner behavior, purchasing patterns, and demographics, order our 2021 US Residential Swimming Pool Market Report.

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